Educational Questions

Listed below are suggested questions that test a reader’s comprehension and critical thinking skills.  

Executive Orders Suck! No. 2:

    1.  What is the source of authority that proponents cite when arguing that the President has Constitutional authority to issue Executive Orders?
     2.  Using the source referred to in question 1, write a brief argument in support of the President having the lawful authority to issue Executive Orders. 
    3.  Using the source referred to in question 1, write a brief argument against the notion that the President has lawful authority to issue Executive Orders.
     4.  What are at least two points that the author is trying to make in this post?
    5.  The author provides his opinion on the President’s use of Executive Orders.  What responsibility does the author believe Congress has with respect to Executive Orders?
    6.  What action, if any, does the author believe individuals should take?
    7.  What are the differences are between Executive Orders and Executive Memoranda?
    8.  The author believes Obama may have had an undisclosed reason for using a Memorandum instead of an Order in his decision to rescind a previous Executive Order.  What do you suppose the reason is?
    9.  The author clearly believes that Americans are being governed to some degree by Executive Orders.   What argument does the author make in support of his belief?
    10.  What is the Federal Register?
    11.  Who is the Secretary of State?
    12.  What were the differences in the Executive Orders cited by the author that were issued by Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Obama?
    13.  In what manner does the author use satire in the article to make his point?

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