I Give “Props” to the Canadian Government For One Thing.

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To give props is to say, “good job” – high five and all that.

I’m saying good on you to the Canadian government for responding to a citizen’s inquiry.  My inquiry to be specific.  I actually received a response–not a form letter.  Hey, all you American citizens, write Secretary Clinton or someone else in the U.S. Cabinet and see if you get a response.  I’m betting you won’t.

Not quite a year ago I wrote a blog post here, How Lewenza & The CAW Are Misleading Canadians which dealt with the question of how our federal government should respond to the Canadian Auto Workers plea for taxpayer dollars to bail out the Canadian auto industry.   My article included an overly optimistic suggestion that the Harper government hold firm and not provide spendulus money to GM and Chrysler.  As you recall, this was shortly after Harper buckled under pressure and requested that Parliament be suspended.  The fact of the matter is that the Ministry of Finance proposed a budget toward the end of 2008 that included a reduction in government spending and no “stimulus” money–contrary to what the U.S. was doing.  After the turn of the calendar and following the suspension of Parliament, Harper did cave in and deficit spending was authorized.

flahertyIn any event, at the end of blog post, I posed a few hard questions that needed to be asked of Mr. James Flaherty, Minister of Finance.  I asked these questions and encouraged the reader to do the same.  I received a response.

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